Katy Perry's Answer To Rumours Of Her Dating With Ryan Phillippe

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom what is going on between you two?

The exes ended their relationship in February. They have shared some info about their romance and rumours around them.

Perry responded the gossips her moving from Orlando with Ryan Phillippe on Twitter. These two stars were romantically linked after some reports about how they spent time at Elton John’s birthday bash.

Phillippe was first to respond the rumours. He wrote in caps that he is not dating Katy and even barely knows her. He asked to stop flying helicopters over his home, as she was not there.

Perry went more sarcastic and asked him to let her out of the basement. Then she wrote “nice to meet you, sorry about that Ryan Phillippe, carry on, lol”.

Meanwhile Orlando spoke about his and the singer’s relationship with Elle in Great Britain.