Kylie Minogue stopped thinking about marriage

Australian Stars Kylie Minogue said that she stopped thinking about marriage.

The 49-year-old beauty does not lose optimism, but looks at her personal life skeptically. The pop star looks amazing.

We cannot believe that Kylie will celebrate the 50th anniversary next year. In the past, the singer met with many men - with singer Mike Hutchins, model James Goodinck, actor Olivier Martinez, model Andre Valencozo. Her last lover, actor Joshua Sass, turned out to be a lover. The young man used Minogue. Since then, the artist has been alone:

"I could not get a house with a beautiful fence and live there for a long time and happily. Probably, I'm just not meant to be. But I want to believe that my life is a glass that is half full, and not empty. "

We sure that the singer never burned with the desire to tie her knot. Otherwise Kylie would have been a married lady for a long time. No wonder people say: "Do not be born beautiful, and be born happy!"

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