Leonardo DiCaprio meets at once with two models

Press believes that Leonardo DiCaprio twists the novel at once with two beauties of model appearance. But is it so?

Leonardo Di Caprio was apparently trying to twist novels immediately with two girls. At least, the foreign press is sure of this, reports Joinfo.ua. Let's remind, the star intended to lay out 850 thousand dollars for a picture of Basquiat. In May 2017 it became known that the world-famous 34-year-old actor and 25-year-old Danish model Nina Agdal broke up after a year of relations. However, now, according to sources, he switched to more young models and immediately to two.

Earlier in December, Leo was caught on a secret date with the model Elizabeth Turner. According to Radar Online, the pair was seen at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Leo, according to witnesses, tried not to stick out, and when his romantic dinner was over, he himself followed the car, which then sat down Elizabeth. "Obviously, he is trying to keep his novels private, but it's shameless even for him," the source said. "He treats Elizabeth like that, because she's his assistant." Leo loves models, but does not have much respect for them, "the insider added.

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