Madonna Hits The Spa With Josh Ostrovsky

Now we have seen everything. You remember Madonna in her music clips, on stages and TV, on the magazines’ covers. Now you can get a chance to see her in a robe and misting her face with rosé during a pedicure.

The singer is going to bring her MDNA skincare line. She launched it in Japan in 2014. To celebrate the new endeavour for the company, the star joined together with Instagram star Josh Ostrovsky, also known as The Fat Jewish, in order to create funny teaser footage for the line.

In the clip, the diva and Josh are wearing robes. Their hair is twisted up into a towel. They are getting pampered with massages, pedicures and manicures. Both of them are hand on the rose themed products that they have created. Madonna has her MDNA Rose Mist in her hands while Josh has a bottle of his White Girl Rosé wine.

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