Madonna Spoke In Metaphor During Her Anti-Trump Speech

Madonna was amidst lots of celebs during the Women’s March held on Washington, D.C.  on Saturday. The confrontational and profanity-ridden speech surprised some people.

The singer revealed she was thinking too much about the White House. The star, 58, cleared things up on Instagram.

She called the event a “beautiful” and “amazing” activity. Madonna performed Express Yourself and that also was exactly what she did. She uploaded a snap of herself with the caption “I choose love!”

The star decided to clarify that she does not support violence and stated that some sentences from her speech could be mistaken in the context.

The singer began her speech saying that she wants to begin a revolution of love. She went on to encourage women and marginalized people not to despair, but to come together and use it as the first point for unity as well as producing positive changed to our world. Madonna had two ways to express this, one was a hopeful way and the other one equaled to outrage and anger feel. The star is sure that anger cannot be helpful and the best way to change things is the way of love.