Mariah Carey lost weight

47-year-old American pop diva Mariah Carey after parting with billionaire James Packer greatly recovered.

In summer the singer was impossible to find out. And now the beautiful woman shocked the figure that had grown up during the V party in New York.

Mariah appeared in a black evening dress with a huge neckline. The lush bust of the singer was ready to jump out of the deep cutout. Secular observers do not yet understand how Carrie managed to lose weight so quickly.

Some are inclined to the fact that the pop diva has made the usual liposuction, while others believe that Mariah opened the corsets for themselves. In any case, a beauty can advertise some miracle cure for weight loss.

By the way, a two week ago, the singer was robbed. In her house, Los Angeles, thieves took 50 thousand dollars and glasses. It's amazing that a large and expensive collection of jewelry was not touched.

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