Megan Fox Posed In Lingerie 5 Months After Her Baby Was Born

Megan Fox says she has lived in lingerie in front of the world. She revealed that she realized that the partnership with Frederick’s of Hollywood and a possible brand ambassadorship was perfect.

The 30-year-old star delivered a baby boy from Brian Austin Green, her husband. This happened just months ahead of modelling the company’s wares for the spring campaign. Megan has learned that nothing can help in preparations with lingerie modelling than just doing it.

According to the star, she did not have a choice. The time was ticking down and Megan realized that she just has to do it. Even though ox realized that she is not ready, she understood that a women’s body is a miracle. A new human came out of her body about 5 months ago and that was a miracle too. According to the star, her baby empowered her.

Though, this does not mean that Megan she did not visit gym.