Pink Says Dr. Luke Has A Bad Karma

Pink cannot help, but stand up against alleged injustice.

The singer spoke on Dr. Luke and shared her perception of him. And she did not hold back! Pink could not speak to the validity of abuse claims against him by Kesha, but she still considers the producer’s actions are responsible for his ongoing legal issues.

Kesha told that the music mogul sexually assaulted her 3 years ago. Pink does not know if this is truth. However, she is sure Dr. Luke earned it because he cannot be called a good person. That is called, “karma”.

Pink worked together with the star back in 2006. He helped to write and produced 3 music pieces of I’m Not Dead, her 4th studio album. Now she has no wish to work with him.

By the way, earlier it was Kelly Clarkson who stated she lost out on millions of dollars to keep away from having a songwriting credit next to this producer’s name.

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