Rihanna Advises Her Fan How To Overcome a Heartbreak

Rihanna gave her fan a breakup advice.

One fan named Samer asked the star how she got over her 1st heartbreak. The fan has been struggling and needed a piece of advice.

The advice came right off the singer’s heart.

Rihanna advised to believe that the heartbreak was a gift itself. The singer advised to cry if one has to, but understand that it will not be forever. Love will find everyone again and expect it to see even more beautiful. The star told that best of all is to enjoy what YOU are all this time.

The fan shared that he reached out to Rihanna because she has already given him some precious pieces of advice. His 1st relationship ever ended with him in January.

Earlier the star helped her other fan who had to open to his family and friends that he is gay.