Rihanna and her relationships with other stars

A few moments with Rihanna and others stars in her life.

Instagram stalkers definitely noticed that Rihanna has unfollowed Lopez for certain time. This turned out to be rather strange as before that the stars used to chat a lot. Some of them related this to possible romance between Jennifer and Drake, Rihanna’s former boyfriend.

The singers are rumoured to have a romantic relationship. According to an insider, both of them visited “a super intimate dinner” at Deliah, a famous hot-spot located in West Hollywood. According to the report, the stars ducked out together.

On the other hand, Kendall Jenner decided to take some resemblance to Rihanna’s style. This was the first time she made a post on the Web after the infamous robbery of Kim Kardashian that happened in Paris.

The 20-year-ols beauty uploaded a snap of a large red heart-shaped Saint Laurent Fox Fur Coat. The piece of closing costs $15,500. It has huge shoulder pads, so the shape of the one who wears it really stands out. Only imagine, the post has gathered 1.2 million likes just for 3 hours.

Her look was accomplished with ripped light-wash pair of jeans and white sneakers. She also wore huge glasses rimmed with gold. The star joked about her outlook and called it “low key”.