Scarlett Johansson Is Sure Rough Night Is Not a 'Chick Flick'

Scarlett Johansson met with paparazzi during the debut of Rough Night. She set the record to the people who are calling the comedian film a “chick flick”. 

The star told that so many people said that her film is a “ladies flick” about 4 women. Scarlett, 32, is sure that this statement is not necessarily a truthful one. 

Johansson told that once people accept that women are funny they allow themselves to speak about taboo subjects and take the stigma off females. 

The actress spoke of the footage’s raunchy factor that it was funny, but she never took this film as a raunchy one. Scarlett considers her film a little salty. The script is really funny and it made her laugh out loud. Actually the Avengers star does not remember that such sort of thing happened to her earlier.