Shia LaBeouf Is Sued For $5 Million

Shia LaBeouf is being sued for assault and defamation in a $5 million lawsuit. It was filed by a bartender from LA. According to the reports, Shia called him a “racist”.

Court documents suggest that the 30-year-old star accompanied by Mia Goth, his wife, got into a verbal altercation with staff at Jerry’s Famous Deli. This happened on April 5. David Bernstein, a bartender, refused to serve Shia and Mia a drink. The bartender considered that they were already too intoxicated.

There is a video from that incident shot by a bystander. Shia is screaming at the bartender and calls him a “f***ing racist bitch.”

Once a month after the incident has passed, the bartender filed court documents at Los Angeles Superior Court suing the star for slander, assault and defamation. He is seeking damages of $5 million. Meanwhile the star’s lawyer denies the issue constituted as defamation.