Taylor Swift reincarnated as a naked cyborg in a new video

The American singer has chosen frank outfits for shooting video for the song Ready For It. The web has a new clip of American singer Taylor Swift.

In it, the 27-year-old singer appears as a cybernetic girl. Users of social networks drew attention to the "naked suit" - many thought that Swift appeared

in front of the camera naked. Others noted the similarity of the heroine of the clip with the Major from the anime and the movie "Ghost in the Shell".

Subsequently, Swift replied that she was in a special flesh-colored overalls and showed it in social networks.

27-year-old Taylor Swift tries on different images. The appearance of her heroine suggests that she is full of energy and warlike mood.

The clip is like a musical hurricane, carrying a singer with her.

Taylor was not even afraid to be naked, having appeared in the image of a cyborg girl.

The clip demonstrates that the former sweet Taylor fans no longer see. In the video, the singer appeared in a completely new image. The star plays a girl who is ready for any experiments.

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