Victoria Beckham came out in a transparent blouse

Victoria Beckham, a British singer and model, appeared in public in the frank top of her collection. As you know, the celebrity herself creates laconic feminine outfits under the brand Victoria Beckham, reports Woman`s Day.

We are used to seeing Victoria Beckham in long trousers, free skirts and, at most, jeans-boyfriends. However, the other day the fashion designer demonstrated an unusual look for himself with an absolutely transparent top.

In London, the star designer appeared in a rather attractive package. The British outfit consisted of a black blouse, a mask skirt and a Bordeaux-colored boat. Victoria added her own image with sunglasses.

Earlier, 43-year-old wife of football player David Beckham was indignant at the advertisement of one of the cafes, located in the English town of Tyneside. A sign with the inscription "Victoria Beckham - the icon of anorexia" was called by the British "a direct insult".

Considering the images of Victoria Beckham in the last few years, we came to the conclusion that she had forever left in the past provocative outfits, which were so popular with her fans in the late 1990s. However, the other day the celebrity decided to recall her former fashion favorites, wearing an absolutely transparent shirt.

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