Alessandra Ambrosio appeared with her new boyfriend for the first time

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio in March of this year parted company with her husband and father of her children, businessman Jamie Mazur, and in August was seen with her new boyfriend, the founder of the Italian brand Alanui, Niccolo Oddy.

And if earlier only the paparazzi photos 'talked' about their relations to the general public, then on the eve of Alessandra and Nikolo officially appeared together at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

Recall, Alessandra met with Jamie Mazur for 13 years, 10 of them the couple was betrothed. In the best traditions of modern Hollywood couples, they decided to part ways - having kept friendly relations and continuing to bring up their children together, 9-year-old daughter Anya and 6-year-old son Noah. The circumstances of the acquaintance of the model with Nikolo media are still unknown.

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