Angelina Jolie teaches you how to live properly

42-year-old Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie talked with reporters.

The actress tells how to live is not wasted. Jolie is sure that we need to devote time not only to family and profession, but also to social work: "I have work, there is creativity, and every day I work on myself to grow up as a person. We are all trying to find a balance. I think for this you just need to find something that you like. But, of course, if you do not take part in something more global, do nothing useful for society, and focus only on your life, sooner or later you will realize that you are really unhappy. Your life will be meaningless."

Angelina said that she will involve all her six children in public activities. As for creativity, it became known that Jolie will become the producer of the adaptation of the children's book for the studio Disney. In the title role will play the nominee for "Oscar" actor Sam Rockwell.

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