Bradley Cooper wrote an article about a spending time with a best friend in his youth

Perhaps, only loyal fans of Bradley Cooper know that in his youth he wanted to become a journalist.

The network got an article that the famous actor wrote at the age of 18, when he passed an internship in the Philadelphia Daily News. In the publication, the then young Cooper spoke about how his relationship with Deborah Landes outgrew something more from friendship. As soon as you cross a certain line, everything changes. You suddenly start hating the guy she always thought was handsome.

True, in my case it was not, - the actor wrote then. We always attracted each other. However, until this year, we did not pay attention to this. We had no idea that we could be more than friends, especially given that Deborah had met my friend then. I understand that now we can enjoy the time spent together before we go to college. Because, as soon as the studies start, we will again become best friends, - Cooper summed up.

As users of the network joked, Bradley should try himself as a screenwriter - the plot for a romantic melodrama is already in principle ready.