Calvin Harris got along with the former, and it's not Taylor Swift!

Calvin Harris (34) was seen on a date with a former girl, 24-year-old model Aarika Wolfe.

The couple ate dinner in a restaurant, and then together went to the car, where paparazzi and caught the lovers. Back in August, there were rumors that they had converged, but only in March the insider told The Sun that they were officially again together: "Separation only made them understand how strong their feelings for each other".

However, they do not hurry to exhibit SELFI in Instagram. Recall that in the distant 2015, the act broke up with Aarika Calvin to spin a romance with Taylor Swift, with whom he met for just over a year before she left him for Tom Hiddleston. Star whirlpools are always the subject of close attention from the press and social networks. Users are already actively discussing the prospects for the reunification of celebrities. So far there have been no official or public statements, but the pair's reunion is obvious.

The acquaintances of Calvin Harris claim that he was depressed due to a break in relations and claimed that he made a big mistake.

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