Chrissy Canceled Oscars To Hunt A Taco Truck

Chrissy Teigen is ready to do everything to track down a taco truck. 

Before this year’s Academy Awards begun, the star cracked a joke. Chrissy told that she can give up her red carpet dress for the night in exchange for help to find a special taco truck. 

Teigen told she has cancelled Oscars and is going to track down the truck featured in Ugly Delicious. We remind you that the star, 32, is expecting child. She also offered her dress to someone who is 6 months pregnant. 

One of the fans who is probably not a fan of the taco truck reacted to her proposal. His wife is 7 months pregnant, but she would be totally in on the Taco truck hunt. Chrissy told that she is probably the same size as she is at 7 or 8.

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