Gwen Stefani doesn't want a wedding with Blake Shelton

American tabloids reported that the beauty Gwen once again abandoned Blake Shelton's hand and heart, although their romance has been going on for years.

The singer decided not to rush things and just enjoy a joint pastime. Especially the sons of Gwen: Kingston, Zoom and Apollo - found a common language with her mom's boyfriend.

Shelton adores boys; he is willing to spend all their free time with them. Although sometimes sad that they have no common children with Gwen, and every day this hope because of Gwen's age is getting smaller, but that does not mean that he does not like Stephanie. Gwen and Blake are sure if the child is born naturally, then they will be the happiest couple on earth, if not, they will follow the example of colleagues. "They are in love with each other and I think it's unlikely that the absence of common children can prevent their union," insiders stress. But as for the wedding, Gwen wants to marry Blake only after pregnancy.

Shelton seems to have only to accept, love and wait. This is one of the most touching couples among celebrities. Many take an example from the tender relationship of a loving couple.

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