Madonna sells a mansion for 35 million

In Beverly Hills, Madonna sells the house for $35 million. She bought housing in 2003.

Madonna's house is designed in the style of a French country estate. It has nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

In the center is a large living room with a stunning chandelier and a fireplace. The furniture in the kitchen is made of marble and selected specially by designers. The design is complemented by interesting fixtures.

Inside there is a spa with a jacuzzi and a fitness room, a cozy study and a cinema for 15 people. The speakers of the surround sound system are arranged throughout the house.

Special attention deserves a garden with palm trees and other tropical plants. On a private tennis court, you can pretty much rozimyatysya, and in the 18-meter pool - relax.

The cozy atmosphere is also in the dining room, in the middle of which there is a dining table overlooking the backyard.

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