Why did Johnny Depp lose weight so much?

The fans of the actor managed to find out what caused the sharp weight loss and why now Johnny Depp looks like he is seriously ill.

New photos of 54-year-old Johnny Depp shocked the whole world. Lose, pale, tired and exhausted - the actor looked at them, to put it mildly, it does not matter.

As soon as these pictures were on the net, fans of the actor from all over the world sounded the alarm, trying to figure out what caused such dramatic changes in his appearance. The explanation was one thing - Johnny had health problems. And since he does not hurry with the comments and explanations, the fans increasingly believed in this unpleasant version.

However, the other day the fans were able to figure out another version of the explanation. So, it became known that Johnny Depp recently completed shooting in the drama Richard Says Goodbye.

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