Bradley Cooper wants sole custody of his daughter

The actor does not want to move to New York, where his former sweetheart lives with his child.

The fans of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were upset when rumors of the parting of one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood were confirmed. It was gratifying that the former lovers parted on a positive note.

The two-year-old daughter of the pair Leia played a significant role in maintaining warm relations. Irina Shake still lives with a girl in Cooper's mansion in Los Angeles, because star parents do not want the baby to experience stress due to a sharp change in the environment. Insiders also claimed that the stars would share the custody of the child equally.

Unfortunately, the idyll in the relationship between the actor and the model did not last long. Soon, Irina Shayk took Leia and moved to New York. Model settled in the house that Cooper once bought for her in the fashionable area of the city. Initially, Bradley also planned to move to New York, but then he changed his mind: a friend convinced him that his departure from Los Angeles could have a detrimental effect on his career.

Irina agreed with Bradley's decision but warned that in that case, she could not guarantee that the actor would see her daughter as often as she wanted, because she would not adjust to his schedule.

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