Britney Spears told who forcibly kept her in a mental hospital

Britney Spears told the whole truth about her stay in Rehab.

Last month, Britney Spears found herself in a mental hospital. It was reported that the singer got there due to a nervous breakdown that arose due to the health problems of her father.

However, then fans of the star suspected that Britney was being held in a rehab forcibly. And despite the celebrity's claim that everything was fine with her, the fans started a flash mob in support of Spears #FreeBritney. And recently it became known that the anxiety of the fans was not groundless. 

So, as it was possible to find out to journalists, in court Britney admitted that she was in a psychiatric hospital not on her own will. According to celebrities, her father forcibly kept her in the medical institution. Moreover, the man insisted that Spears take drugs.

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