Mariah Carey has changed her fiance

The singer was in secret relations with her current boyfriend.

Famous American singer Mariah Carey, who became engaged to millionaire James Pecker in 2016, turns out to be cheating on him with a young dancer, the current boyfriend of Brian Tanaka.

This is evidenced by not a very decent video, made in a Danish hotel when Carey was still officially the bride of a businessman. In the movie, a star in a white mini dress behaved with Brian rather relaxedly. In particular, she even climbed onto his seminude torso and began to move erotically.

Also, it is reported that Mariah, relaxing on a yacht with her fiance, sent Brian, who called her "pussy," her nude and seminude photos.

From the messaging Tanaka with one of the star's assistants, it also became known that the dancer and singer were sleeping together. The conversation was about how to make Kerry's visit to Brian secret so that no one could see her coming to him.

However, the secret relationship did not last very long, as Carey broke off the engagement and officially began to meet with Brian, who is 13 years younger.

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