Mel Gibson and Shia LaBeouf will play in a black comedy

Mel Gibson and Shia LaBeouf will become relatives in a comedy.

The actors will play in the black comedy “Rothchild,” in the title of which the surname Rothschild is played up in a distorted form - the famous dynasty of bankers. The director of the film will be Jon S. Baird.

According to Deadline, the film tells about Becket Rothchild performed by LaBeouf - a charismatic outlaw whose mother ran off with a jazzman and deprived herself and her son of an inheritance. Becket also intends to return to the New York high society and is trying to get to the state of his family, but nine relatives stand in his way to enrichment, including his gloomy grandfather Whitlow Rothchild, whose role went to Gibson.

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