Prince Harry and Meghan Markle congratulate their most devoted fan with her 99th birthday

The royal couples Harry and Meghan have a loyal fan in the person of the Australian World War II veteran Daphne Dunne.

Yesterday the woman celebrated her 99th birthday. Veteran and grandson of Queen Elizabeth are longtime friends. Harry has already met his fan three times. Whenever the prince comes on business to Australia, Daphne is waiting for him among a crowd of fans.

According to ET Canada, the veteran had to spend his birthday in the hospital due to health problems. Daphne's relatives sent an email to Kensington Palace to inform the prince of this news. They asked to support his fan on her holiday.

Prince Harry did not remain in debt and sent a letter late at night. In the letter, the prince congratulated the woman on her birthday and wished a speedy recovery. The prince congratulated the veteran on behalf of the entire royal family and wished her to spend the holiday with the family.

The prince and his fan have already seen each other three times. The first meeting took place in 2015 near the walls of the Sydney Opera House. The second exchange of courtesies occurred in June 2017, when Harry attended Sydney to attend an official event. The third meeting took place last fall when the prince came there with Meghan Markle. Today Daphne was 99 years old, and her idol did not stand aside, sending her a letter of congratulations to her family.

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