Selena Gomez told how she was bullied

Two years ago, the singer began to gain weight actively.

27-year-old American actress and singer Selena Gomez admitted that she became a victim of body-shaming two years ago, so she temporarily abandoned social networks and focused on her health.

The last few years have been trying for the star. In 2017, Selena contracted lupus erythematosus, a complex autoimmune disease. The ailment so seriously affected the singer’s health that she needed a kidney transplant. The operation took place quickly and successfully because the donor was a close friend of the star.

But after some time, Selena again went to the hospital, only the reason for this was a nervous breakdown. Due to the adversities that fell on her, the singer began to gain weight actively and suspended her creative activity. At that time, the star only spoke with relatives and close friends.

Selena said that due to health problems, she did not immediately notice a change in her figure. After they began to scoff at her and joke on the net, the singer was distraught and closed herself to the public.

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