The new Jason Momoa's role will break your hart

Jason Momoa, famous for the movie Aquaman and the TV series Game of Thrones, got a new role.

The actor will play the main character in the crime drama Sweet girl. In the story, a man loses his wife, who died at the hands of bandits. Now he has to find all the people involved in the death of a loved one and kill them.

Also, the hero will have to protect his young daughter from a criminal gang. The film promises to be dramatic. It is the quintessence of action and unexpected plot twists. The director of the film will be the debutant, Brian Mendoza. Previously, he worked as a producer with Momoa in

several movies. Gregg Hurwitz, Philip Eisner, and Will Staples worked on the script. The film will be released on Netflix. When the shooting starts, is unknown.

It is not the first acting role in the actor clip. Not so long ago, Momoa finished filming a Dune film for Denis Villeneuve. He got the part of the gunsmith. The actor has many active, strong-willed roles. Directors choose it because of the textured appearance and charisma. In 2022, the sequel to the Aquaman film, which was liked by viewers and critics, will also be released. The actor himself expressed extreme enthusiasm for a return to this role, calling it one of the most prominent in his career.

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