Beyonce has unveiled her exotic hobby

Recently, a new interview with Beyoncé Knowles appeared on the Web.

In it, the 39-year-old singer talked about how the pandemic has changed her family's life and shared her new hobby.

We haven't heard anything about Beyoncé for a long time, but everything is just fine with her. She told about this in an interview with British Vogue, which made her many fans very happy - Queen B rarely agrees to talk with journalists.

In an interview, Beyoncé also said that she recently mastered a very unusual occupation - beekeeping.

The singer noted: quarantine brought her family very close and admitted that it was at this time that she learned to listen to her children, take even more interest in their life, and share hobbies. Knowles encourages all parents to love their offspring as much as possible because love is the most important thing that we can give children.

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