Enrique Iglesias says his children will not make music

Erica Iglesias, 44, has been happily married for over 17 years with 38-year-old Anna Kournikova. Recently, he became a father for the third time.

Large dad Erica Iglesias does not hide his happiness. He is pleased to independently take care of a newborn baby, changing her diapers, and giving bottles of food.

"I can do this very well, but sometimes, of course, I need help," said the artist in the studio of Kevin Fraser.

Enrique is convinced that family is much more important than a career. The artist devotes all his free time to the family. A loving father is not tired of even insomnia, which became part of his life after the birth of Masha.

"I'm not sleeping, but I'm having a great time! I want to say that I would not trade it for anything in the world," the singer said.

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