Justin Bieber shaved his mustache

Canadian singer Justin Bieber shaved off his mustache, listening to the requests of his wife and fans.

25-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber on February 16 posted a selfie without a mustache on his Instagram page.

"I shaved!" - the photo was signed by the singer. Bieber's wife commented on her husband's selfie without a mustache, one of the first.

"At last!" - wrote the wife of a Canadian musician.

Bieber's mustache has long been the subject of controversy between the artist and his fans. Fans demanded that the singer shave off his beard, which, in their opinion, did not adorn Bieber. The artist's wife also repeatedly stated that she was not enthusiastic about his mustache.

Bieber, for a long time, ignored the requests of fans. "My mustache is my life," he said on his page in early February.

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