Olga Kurylenko recovered from coronavirus

Olga Kurylenko said she was already feeling fine after two weeks of illness.

Fortunately, youth and health did not disappoint Hollywood actress and model of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurylenko.

After two weeks of fighting the coronavirus, the star announced she was doing well. The 40-year-old artist made a post on social networks:

“I think I’ve completely recovered. Briefly about the course of the disease: in the first week, I was very ill, and almost all the time, I lay with a high fever and slept a lot. I slept 12 hours a night and then another 3-4 hours in the afternoon !!! It was hard to get up. Fatigue is crazy. The headache is wild. In the second week, the temperature went away, and a slight cough appeared. Fatigue remained. Now there are practically no symptoms. Only a little cough is in the morning, but then it completely goes away for the whole day. Now I enjoy my vacation and spend time with my son,” wrote the Hollywood star.

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