Actress Megan Fox made a cameo appearance

Famous American actress Megan Fox for the first time, openly admitted that she is attracted not only to men but also to women.

She wrote about it on her Instagram.

In particular, the 35-year-old star published a post in which she wrote that she considers herself bisexual for more than two decades.

Us Weekly adds that in 2009, the actress already hinted at her bisexuality. In an interview, she said she did not consider herself a lesbian, but she could live with a woman. Fox even remarked that she likes actress and director Olivia Wilde.

"I think people are born bisexual and make subconscious choices under societal pressure. I'm not a lesbian. I think that all people are born with the ability to feel sexually attracted to both genders. I mean, I can see myself in a relationship with a girl. Olivia Wilde is so sexy," the star noted at the time.