Alec Baldwin sued over fatal shooting tragedy

Alec Baldwin, 63, is among the defendants in the tragic death of cameraman Galina Hutchins.

This is the first such lawsuit related to the shooting on the set of the western "Rusty," in which Baldwin was the lead actor and the producer. 

The actor and the other 19 participants in the shooting were sued by the head of the lighting crew of the picture, Sergei Svetnoy. He argues that the tragedy caused by negligent weapons handling could not happen if the film's staff had performed their duties better.

In particular, immediately after the tragedy, it became clear that the crew repeatedly complained about the producers' poor working conditions, cost savings, and indifference to the problems voiced.

Svetnoy also clarified that the bullet that killed Hutchins almost hit him, too. After the shot, he ran up to Galina, who was his close friend, to give her first aid, and held her in his arms until the arrival of medics. Sergey noted that Galina called him to the project - for both of them, this picture would be the ninth joint project in their careers.

Western media note that this lawsuit was the first against the film "Rust" producers but suggest that it will not be the last. Baldwin himself has so far refrained from public comment, citing the prosecutor's order, who forbade the actor to talk to the press during the investigation.

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