Angelina Jolie was caught on a date with her ex-husband

American actress Angelina Jolie once again caught in the lenses of the paparazzi. This time she was spotted with her ex-husband, Johnny Lee Miller. The stars had dinner together in a restaurant.

Famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has quite a lot of attention from fans and the press. Therefore, her every appearance in public is not without paparazzi and journalists.

The other day, the celebrity went on a date with her ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller. The actors had dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

After dinner at the establishment, the couple was photographed in the same car. They left the restaurant together, but where exactly is unknown.

The star chose a discreet outfit for the new outing. She wore a long black coat and matching suede pumps. A beige bag completed an elegant look from the Italian brand Loro Piana.