Ben Affleck has broken up with Ana de Armas

After almost a year in a relationship, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have split up.

According to a source told People, the couple could not decide where to live. The actress did not want to stay in Los Angeles. Ben Affleck couldn't move anywhere as he didn't want to leave his children behind. As a result, Ana de Armas dumped him over the phone.

"They are at different stages in their lives; they have a deep love and respect. Ben still wants to work on himself. He has three jobs and is a good father. They are both happy with where they are," the insider said, stressing that they parted peacefully.

Rumors of a breakup were sparked by Ana de Armas as recently as a fortnight ago. She recently went to Cuba with her family without her lover. Besides, after the breakup, she radically changed her image and had her hair cut, as she should have.

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