Emily Ratajkowski has released a book

In the book, Emily analyzes how her mistress and those around her treat a woman's body.

The surprising thing about this book is that it was not written by a journalist or screenwriter but by a supermodel. What's surprising is that its subject is something that others take for granted - a body on display. Yes, Emily's colleagues have said something about this before - for example, the famous Kate Moss admitted that the tense facial expression in photos, which has become her trademark "chip," was explained by the fact that she was wildly camera shy. But Ratajkowski's is about other things.

Left alone with her body, the supermodel writes, she treats it differently. "On bad days, I hated my body and myself. And every decision I made in my life felt like a mistake. And on a good day, I would call people who judge a woman for taking advantage of a beautiful body sexist." And yet, she states, a beautiful body gives a woman an advantage.