Sharon Stone admitted she almost died because of a stroke

The famous American actress Sharon Stone said that in 2001 it is a miracle she survived because of a massive stroke and a brain hemorrhage. 

As it turned out, the celebrity had an experience of clinical death.

According to her, at that moment, she felt a "light at the end of the tunnel and the feeling of leaving her body." About it writes the publication The Mirror.

"I felt like I was communicating with people who had gone before me. It was a fleeting feeling: we didn't have a dialogue as such, but there was an understanding that we were communicating," the actress said.

Stone noted that she felt tremendous pain afterward as if she was "hit very hard in the chest by someone, and then her soul returned to her body."

"It was clear that I decided to go back to the ward and not continue on this journey. I think that's all I can say about the experience," the movie star added.

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