Taylor Swift has moved in with her boyfriend

Taylor and Joe are said to be living in London.

American singer Taylor Swift, who recently released an album and music video, moved to live with her boyfriend from the UK, Joe Alvin. According to foreign media reports, they moved in together during the coronavirus pandemic, as they had to stay in London due to restrictions. Now the lovers live in London and rent a house for 5.5 million pounds.

Note that Taylor and Joe have been dating for about four years, but they rarely appear in public and lead a very private lifestyle, so the media have no details. By the way, according to the press, despite their long relationship, they had their first experience together last year.

"She still has a house in the U.S., so she hasn't left there for good. But so far, this is the first time Taylor and Joe have managed to find a place just for the two of them," the source reports.

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