The U.S. has issued a warrant for the arrest of Marilyn Manson

New Hampshire State Police have issued an arrest warrant for musician Marilyn Manson, The Guardian writes. 

The reason is an assault on a videographer at a concert in Guilford Township in 2019, not violent charges from February 2021.

In a Facebook post, police clarified that a court issued an arrest warrant for Manson in October 2019. Still, the singer never arrived in New Hampshire, where Guilford is located, to respond to the charges.

Law enforcement officials also stressed that they repeatedly informed the musician and his representatives about the warrant. Police said it was the lack of response from Manson and his team that caused the Facebook postings.

Howard King, Manson's attorney, said the videographer asked for $35,000 immediately after the concert "because he got a small amount of saliva on his hand." He added that he "immediately invited confirmation of bodily injury, but never got a response."

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