Will Smith's chic driving range is discussed online

The motorhome was custom-made. It cost $2.5 million and is considered one of the most expensive globally.

The unique motor home was designed to the individual order of the actor. Anderson Mobile Estates, a company specializing in creating such motorhomes, developed and assembled the car.

The area of the motorhome is 111 square meters. Inside there are 14 TV sets, a kitchen, and a small dressing room.

The total area of the "house on wheels" is 111 sq. m. Inside there is a dressing room, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and a bathroom. Also, the total number of TVs is 14! In addition, the motor home has a large projector for watching movies.

The chic interior is also striking because only for the leather trim the actor paid more than 300 thousand dollars, and for the granite - 125 thousand dollars. The dining table cost $12,500 for Will Smith.