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Cue the theme music, we’ve got another Kryptonian incoming! Make sure you’re tuning in to the @cwsupermanandlois SERIES PREMIERE TONIGHT @ 8/7c!! I hear it’s gonna be SUPER! Hehe.. I’ll see myself out..
02/23/2021 07:52
No one: Me at 2am, spinning: #wandavision #wandavisionspoilers
02/20/2021 09:58
They’re Warrior types. @supergirlcw #SupergirlSeason6 #supergirl #theCW #NiaNal #Dreamer #Brainiac5 #BraiNia #dccomics
02/06/2021 11:08
Where my #theaterkids at?? #theatergay (follow me on TikTok if you aren’t already, what the heck!)
02/01/2021 07:21
Sweet dreamz ???????????? #makeuplooks #makeup
01/31/2021 08:54
Thank you GLAAD! Stay gay, ladies! Posted @withregram • @chy_leigh We are SO honored @supergirlcw is being recognized by @glaad for Outstanding Drama Series ????️‍????????️‍⚧️ @azietesfai @nicoleamaines & I are grateful to be among such powerful nominees! Positive LGBTQ+ representation is critically important and absolutely necessary! Thank you @glaad ❤️????????????????????????????
01/30/2021 02:48
The work doesn’t stop. Keep talking. #martinlutherkingjr
01/18/2021 09:38
So @chy_leigh tagged me in her #bevocalspeakup challenge to talk about something that I am grateful for in 2020. It’s been a hard year, so let’s end it by sharing what made us smile during the literal dumpster fire that was this past year. I’m going to challenge all of you and also @arrynzech and @jesse_rath to share on Instagram something you’re grateful for this year! #bevocalbegrateful
12/30/2020 05:15
Book me on @cameo to roast your friends and family! I also do bad advice, cease and desist orders, and blackmail. Book today!
12/27/2020 11:39
Feeling like a “B!tch who just buried her third husband.”
12/26/2020 04:57
Zoom Christmas. This one’s for the album!
12/26/2020 01:58
Don’t mind the wig. It was necessary to achieve my final form. Happy holidays and merry Christmas from literally Martha May Whovier. ????????????????
12/26/2020 01:54

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