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over the past few months i had the opportunity to partner with @soundwaves_art and @trevorproject to create a visual representation of “July” for pride month. (in all my favorite colors) i signed a super limited amount of artwork to support the amazing work being done at the trevor project to save the lives of lgbtq+ youth, through suicide prevention and crisis intervention. check out the artwork at the link in my bio. ❤️???????????????????????????? HAPPY FUCKIN PRIDE MONTH!!!! ????????????
06/16/2021 10:00
the literal bigger picture
05/31/2021 02:17
“i will always love The Worst of You”???????? @bbmas @xfinity
05/25/2021 04:11
tickets for NY and LA on sale now, link in my bio and stories ????‼️❣️ NOWWWWW
05/20/2021 06:51
05/18/2021 09:48
tickets on sale this thursday
05/17/2021 08:45
happy 1 year to my ep The End of Everything. these are some of my favorite songs i’ve ever written ???? thank you to everyone who’s listened and everyone who was apart of its creation
05/15/2021 10:37
i think this one will forever hurt my heart ???? check out my @xfinity @bbmas bonus performance of "The Worst of You" link in my stories
05/14/2021 10:23
the best mommy i could ever ask for. i will never be able to express the amount of love i have for this woman. mom thank you for always being there. when everyone’s left you’ve always stayed. we’ve never ever left each others side. together through everything. i’m so happy to see you accomplish all of your goals that i know you’ve worked tirelessly on achieving. through many no’s you’ve never let that stop you from getting your YES’ - you’re the strongest person i know. i’m so lucky my grandma gave me a momma as beautiful and strong smart and gracious as she was. i see mammie everytime i look at you mom. you really are my guardian angel. i got lucky enough that mines on earth and is my mommy. this mother’s day is our family’s first since my grandmothers passing so nothing about this day has been easy. seeing you cry and in pain rips my heart out but know mammie is with you every second. i thank her every day for giving me YOU. happy mother’s day super woman. i love you @tishcyrus
05/09/2021 09:39
marshall was a biggg hit with everyone getting their vaccines today!!! it was so cute he made us all a little less nervous. this cute older man kept talking to marshall and said “what’s up player! you here to get your vaccine too!?” it was so cute. he totally knew i was freaking out about the needle (tattoos are not the same) n just sat in my lap like a good boy and!!! i’m part of the super human club now so that’s cool. and you get a cute sticker ???????????????? i did get a parking ticket tho ????
05/01/2021 11:24
dumped ????
04/28/2021 10:09
“The Worst of You” lyric video by myself and PJ Harding i find myself saying this often but this is easily the most personal song i’ve ever written or been apart of writing. i’m typing this with shakey hands and teary eyes. this song, these lyrics paint such vivid moment in my head of what i’ve been through for what so quickly has turned into the last year. it’s always been hard for me to walk away from people i love when i’ve grown to become reliant on even some of their most harmful traits. thank you to @melodysheep_ for lending your visuals they’re stunning as always. thank you @pjhardingmusic for letting us tell a story so personal to myself and being there to listen and hear me cry. i dont think there’s any words i can find for me to describe my appreciation for you peej. thank you for putting your heart on the line with me song after song and being vulnerable and open with me enough for us to get to the place it takes to write the songs we do. thank you Victoria Zaro - @ryann for being apart of the writing process on this song and listening to some of the painful scenarios that caused the place of hurt that Pj and i are singing from. this song. this project. mean the entire world to me. it truly has mine and Pjs hearts inside. love you @pjhardingmusic
04/24/2021 12:40

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