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Cheers to Twenty Five years! an unforgettable day ???????? find yourself a group of friends who LOVE you, challenge you, inspire you, & I promise life will be SO much more beautiful! Thank you @shelbybay for surprising me in such a big way and the rest of you - you know who you are (pictured & not) you mean the world to me ❤️???????? & a HUGE thank you to every single one of you for all the heartfelt wishes ???? shoutout to @levelevents for the most beautiful set up ✨
01/12/2021 05:33
It only took a quarter of a century, but I finally feel like I’ve found my people ????Here’s a glimpse into the most magical birthday a girl can dream of! @levelevents
01/12/2021 02:28
this is 25 ????
01/09/2021 11:51
I think I wear a mask more than a bra these days ????
01/06/2021 12:17
should’ve been a cowboy ????????
01/04/2021 10:03
01/01/2021, Nashville TN ❤️
01/02/2021 03:04
BIG day in the cosmos ???? The winter solstice, Capricorn SZN, & the great conjunction all hit simultaneously ????????????
12/22/2020 09:57
“Looks great! Little full, Lotta sap!”???? if you know what that’s from..we can be friends ????
12/19/2020 01:28
Oana makes snow angels ❄️???????? Narrated by @tannerbeard ???? Mammoth Mountain
12/14/2020 02:05
ITS SELTZR SZN BABY! ☃️☃️☃️ #seltzer #budlight #uglychristmassweater
12/13/2020 03:43
The romper of my dreams ✨ swipe over to see the 6 different ways I like to wear it! ???? @shopzafira #shopzafira #zafira #notjustajumpsuit #wearityourway music: Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
12/11/2020 01:54
Love spending time in the Chicago and finally getting to wear my winter wardrobe! #REVOLVEwinter FUN FACT! Chicago was my first home when I moved to the United States ????
12/08/2020 03:41

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