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My super hero times infinity plus a million ❤️ #nationaldaughterday
09/26/2020 10:01
Just fucking vote.
09/24/2020 07:36
No one is talking about how the stuffed animals are doing with all this.
09/22/2020 10:18
Happy Emmys Day. Congrats to all ! Via @thiswashollywood
09/20/2020 09:20
We won’t stop until the boot is fully lifted off our necks. Thank you, Ruth.
09/19/2020 11:08
09/18/2020 05:05
Enough is enough. #stophateforprofit
09/17/2020 07:19
The leadership of Facebook depends on you to sustain their billion dollar business. They need you. That means you’re in control. You can demand they change their standards, and stop amplifying hate. It’s time we cut the bullshit and pay attention to the wildfire of disinformation and hatred fueled by social media. Raising standards to require basic TRUTH does not put an end to free speech. Facts matter. The truth matters. #stophateforprofit #instafreeze
09/16/2020 02:10
I stand with @colorofchange, @naacp, @commonsenseorg, @adl_national, and several other leading civil rights organizations, as they demand an end to the reckless amplification of racism and hatred on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are profiting off of becoming a dangerous tool of disinformation and the facilitation of harmful propaganda. This Wednesday, 9/16, please join me in abstaining from posting anything on this platform for 24 hours, to send a message to Facebook leadership that we don’t want to participate in their hate-machine any more. It’s time they change course, and embrace their chance to be a force of good in the world. #stophateforprofit #instafreeze
09/15/2020 08:56
Jack and Alice. Very proud to work with these fine folks. #DontWorryDarling
09/12/2020 04:55
It’s good to be Otis. We ❤️ @questlove and @thepocketkit so very much.
09/04/2020 05:35
Mood. From @joyisabellabrown ????
08/30/2020 06:39