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We haven't seen the Bordelons in over a year, and honey they are BACK. @queensugarown was already down in NOLA shooting their fifth season last year when they had to shut down because of the pandemic. What did the team do? They rewrote the entire season to fit the times. And now it’s everything we want it to be. And the last scene? There will be tears. There will be cheers. There will be feels. So we hope you and your feelings can join us tonight for the #QueenSugar season premiere at 8|7c on @OWNTV. @ava and I will be live tweeting it with y’all—and we might just have to start a Queen Sugar emotional support group afterwards ????????????
02/16/2021 07:41
Thank you to those who joined me today for @ww's #YourLifeInFocus: Be The Love You Need. If you missed it, you can watch the virtual event on my Facebook page. One lesson we learned today was that the word love is a lot like wellness. It means different things to different people. But there's so much emphasis on the love people bring to us that we often forget that the central key to bringing love into your life is BEING the love you want to be. Loving yourself first. Putting yourself on your to-do list. So this Valentine's Day weekend, love your partner, love your family, love your friends, but most importantly, love yourself. See y'all at the next one! ❤️❤️❤️ #OWandWW
02/13/2021 09:42
Grab your gals (or pals), your laptop (or phones), and make sure that WiFi signal is strong cause we’re headed to Galentine’s Day! Join me this Saturday for @ww’s #YourLifeInFocus FREE virtual event. The theme? Be The Love You NEED. Because we can only spread the love around us when we learn to love ourselves first. We’ll do some workbook exercises, chat with some friends, and hopefully by the end, activate your best life. Sign up by going to or by tapping the link in my bio. See y’all tomorrow 2/13 at 11 am EST|8 am PST! #OWandWW ????????????
02/12/2021 05:00
The path to a stronger, healthier life, begins with the love we bring ourselves. Which is why this Valentine’s Day weekend, @ww and I are hosting Oprah’s Your Life In Focus: Be The Love You Need, a live virtual experience that will help you activate the life you most desire. We’ll be joined by @j_corden, @jennifer.garner, @ciara, @kymwhitley, and @doctorshefali, who will help us reset, reconnect, and set a vision forward. Best part? It’s FREE! Sign up by going to or tap the link in my bio. See you Saturday, February 13 at 11AM EST/8 AM PST! #OprahandWW
02/04/2021 05:08
Thank you to all my special friends, and friends I didn’t even know I had, for your birthday wishes! I felt blessed by your messages. And grateful to have another turn around the sun. @stedmangraham and I had a quiet day at home watching The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman and Sounder and ate some cake ????????
01/31/2021 04:49
Of all the times and experiences we shared together, this was one of my favorites: The weekend of the Legends Ball in 2005. The idea for the ball originated because I wanted to celebrate HER, and other remarkable Black women who carved a path and built a bridge for me and generations to follow. What a joy to honor her and feel her receive it! I loved her hat so much, she sent it to me afterwards.    Cicely decided early on that her work as an actor would be more than a job. She used her career to illuminate the humanity of Black people. The roles she played reflected her values; she never compromised. Her life so fully lived is a testimony to Greatness.
01/29/2021 05:06
Decency and compassion restored. Hallelujah!! President @joebiden ????????????????????????????????
01/20/2021 09:35
I have never been prouder to see another young woman rise! Brava Brava, @amandascgorman! Maya Angelou is cheering—and so am I.
01/20/2021 08:36
In tears watching this extraordinary moment for women in the U.S. and the world. Vice President @kamalaharris ????????
01/20/2021 08:24
Georgia is on all of our minds today! Thank you to @staceyabrams, @fairfightaction, and all the Black women who poured every drop of energy and strength into this election. Now finish the job, Peach State ???????????????? #OWNYourVote
01/05/2021 05:34
This is the first time in a looooooong we haven’t celebrated @gayleking’s birthday together (with all yellow everything). But until it’s safe again, FaceTime sing-a-longs will do! Happy birthday to my bestie since 22 ????????????
12/29/2020 06:55
Every day is like Christmas morning around here with all the goodies my friends keep sending. @stellamccartney and @paulmccartney have me covered in the fashion and music department, @jennabhager with delicious @callieshotlittlebiscuit, and @jeffleatham in the flower world! Swipe left for all the videos. Happy (safe) holidays, y’all! ????????????
12/24/2020 08:21

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