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I’m so proud to publish @taranajaneen’s searing new memoir #Unbound under my book imprint #AnOprahBook. I had multiple aha moments reading it. The #MeToo founder opens up about sexual abuse, shame, and finding the capacity to love—and to lead. She took the thing that caused her the greatest angst and rage, and turned it into power. Tap the link in my bio to purchase her powerful book and listen to our latest conversation over at the @supersoul podcast.
09/18/2021 06:05
From the time I was a little girl, books have guided me. They’ve helped me see and understand the world and myself. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the brilliant authors over the decades who have led me to conclude: There is no best life without books. I was inspired to start a book club after Alice McGee, a producer on The Oprah Winfrey Show, began exchanging books with me and then we’d discuss what we thought of them. After a while, she suggested we bring that kind of conversation on to our show. So 25 years today, @oprahsbookclub came to life. For two decades, I’ve connected with fellow bibliophiles all over the world and together we’ve poured over 92 books. So I thank YOU dear reader for sharing this passion with me for the last 25 years because without you there is no Oprah’s Book Club. New selection coming in two weeks! (????: @gburnscamera)
09/17/2021 04:22
Up next on our @oprahdaily joy ride: Getting ready for @gayleking’s first grandbaby! I’m no help cause I know nothing about babies—which is why we tapped in new mom @katyperry to guide us. Daisy Dove’s mom took us to @chickenlittlesb and taught us how to swaddle, picked out everything @kirbybump will need, and helped Gayle narrow down the list of potential grandma names. Unfortunately, from my point of view, Gaia is still in the running. Visit or tap the link in my bio to watch the second installment of The OG Chronicles: Joy Ride 2021. The last episode premieres next Thursday, September 23. And thank you to Katy for being such a great sport! (????: @huydoan)
09/17/2021 02:00
@gayleking said it best: I don’t like to merge. I don’t like to park. I don’t like to pass cars. I don’t like highways. So I never thought I’d go on another road trip again—but here goes Gayle convincing me to join her on another adventure…15 years later. This time around we surprised @oprahdaily Insiders at their homes, shopped with @katyperry to prep for @kirbybump’s first baby, and I survived Gayle’s singing yet again ???? Visit or tap the link in my bio to watch the first episode of The OG Chronicles: Joy Ride 2021. The next episode comes out next Thursday, September 16!
09/10/2021 02:03
My favorite show in the world is back! Tune in to @queensugarown’s sixth season premiere tonight at 8|7c on @owntv. @ava says get ready for some JOY—and I say get ready for the baby!! I’ll be live tweeting with y’all. See you then.
09/07/2021 09:34
My next @oprahsbookclub pick is “The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois” by award-winning poet @honoree_jeffers. This novel beautifully chronicles African American history through the prism of one family, The Garfields. There’s family secrets! It’s modern yet historical. I envy everyone one of you that gets to read it for the first time. Simply put: It’s epic. Tap the link in my bio to download your copy and follow @oprahsbookclub to watch my full announcement. We’re going to begin discussing it next week—and trust me, you’re gonna want to talk about it! #ReadWithUs
08/24/2021 03:39
From a young musical prodigy in the church to a civil rights activist to the genius behind the hits that go beyond music, @iamjhud brings us her version of Aretha Franklin in the biopic @respectmovie. Tonight, I sit down with Jennifer in my rose garden to discuss how she was able to transcend herself and DO. THAT. THING. Hope you can join us at 10|9c on @OWNTV. #OWNSpotlight
07/20/2021 11:46
Happy 4th Everyone! I hope today is a real celebration in all the ways that matter to you. Hope you’re enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. We’re soaking it in and savoring at my house. Thank you for a delicious meal @daybirdla @meilin21 ! May I suggest, start with “no heat” ya’ll, because even “mild” is serious with the spice! ????
07/05/2021 04:00
We can all learn a thing a two from all the fathers featured on #OWNSpotlight: Honoring Our Kings, Celebrating Black Fatherhood—especially @dwyanewade. I met him as a superstar athlete from Chicago who has turned into a husband and father the whole world admires. Hope to see you all tonight at 9|8c on @OWNTV!
06/16/2021 01:00
Black fathers are truly kings who deserve to be honored as such. Which is why I invite you, your fathers, and your families to join us for the first-ever #OWNSpotlight: Honoring Our Kings, Celebrating Black Fatherhood, tonight at 9|8c on @OWNTV. The incredible @sterlingkbrown is co-hosting with me, @dwyanewade, @johnlegend, @realdlhughley, @deoncole, @tonygonzalez88, and @kevinhart4real are here to discuss the joys and challenges of Black fatherhood, and we’ll be spotlighting every day dads whose souls are generated by love. Hope to see y’all there—and Happy Father’s Day this weekend to all the fathers celebrating!
06/15/2021 10:50

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