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Praying to go back to work so I can have some well earned time off ! Ha! The irony . . . Photo: @elljmorgan #workingmama #mumoftwo #4monthspostpartum #ivfjourney #palomafaith #challenge #strongmums
06/17/2021 08:14
Today is the 12 year anniversary of my first ever single release ! It feels like yesterday ! Thank you to @lateralmgmt , @sonymusicuk , Jo Charrington and Nick Raphael for starting my career! Also thank you to my beloved loyal and wonderful fans! . . . #palomafaith #stonecoldsober #anniversary
06/15/2021 08:24
Spoke to @bbcwomanshour about my life right now. I love doing these types of interviews bursting the bubble of the Instagram worthy illusion of parenthood! Head over to @bbcsounds to listen ✨ . . . #bbcmusic #palomafaith #workingmum #press #discussion
06/14/2021 09:44
Postpartum diary So I thought my post partum diaries would be over by now as the bubs is 4 months on Saturday but it seems it’s not over until it’s over. I now think I’ve got mastitis or blocked ducts from stopping breast feeding. Holding the baby is agony. My poor Leyman can’t even look at my boobs let alone touch them. Got to start antibiotics today. I also feel hormonal from it. Sort of at a loss or mournful. I did reduce the feeds really slowly and then once it was down to one a day I just bit the bullet and stopped and now here I am ….. AGONY! It’s like my chest is on fire and I feel like I could sleep forever. Hope the pain subsides fast on the medicine! What a literal pain!!! And you probably think all I do is moan but honestly this is horrific …. #mastitis #postpartumjourney #ivfjourney#breastfeeding #workingmum #palomafaith #breastvsbottle #pumping
06/10/2021 09:00
Postpartum diary I’m throwing in the towel on breast feeding. 3.5 months, which is exactly half the length of time I did it with my first. I think formula is bloody brilliant and thank goodness it exists! It’s defo a hard thing though, deciding to stop. It was the first time and it is this time. Takes a few weeks of playing with the idea and then you eventually start stopping as you can’t just stop. So I’ve started the starting/stopping thing and I feel really excited about garlic and wine. Ha! Bloody exhausted ! . . Photo : @elljmorgan . . #postpartum #breastfeeding #palomafaith #babyformula #ivfjourney #refluxbaby #breastvsbottle #postpartumjourney #workingmum
05/29/2021 08:09
Monster remix with @majesticonline out now! ???? Let me see you dancing your socks off to this one lovelies ???? . . . #monster #palomafaith #monsterremix #newmusic #womanempowerment
05/28/2021 07:03
Honestly this video is my fave of my career and Sod’s law I’m not even in it! It is meant to be suggestive of the male misogynistic super power dominating and rejecting womankind in all their forms down to race/pregnancy/imperfections , but then revenge is sweet because she becomes a monster made up of all her rejected parts , and therefore a collective and seeks out her revenge. Be careful what you wish for guys!!!!! Starring @seanchart @fancyshews @pandorasjukebox @mariyamizuno @hello_masumisaito @missbabysol Director: @yousefthami Creative Director: @theo.adams Production Company: @prettybirdpic MD/Exec Producer: @juliette_larthe Exec Producer: @chrisraymurdoch Producer: @jakeriverparkerfilms 1st AD: @roff.films DOP: @adricwatson 1st AC: @jon_england 2nd AC: @sammyjohnson91 Gaffer: Peter Gregory Spark: Jurijs Subotins Spark: Max Gregory Production Designer: Katie South Art Assistant: Levis Hinds Stylist: @fancyshews Hair Stylist (Doctor): @libertybarber SFX Artist: @gkightley SFX Assistant: Dilan Alves Movement Director: @theo__tj__lowe Runner: @oli_hill_ Runner: Rhys Richard Medic/Covid Supervisor: Gavin Campbell Edit: @c.gamble.editor Grade: @_johngrades_ @pundersonsgardens VFX Artist: @darri3d VFX Artist: @supar_human Roto and Tracking: Capital Studios Illustrator: @rubycara Commissioner: @michaelclewin @sonymusicuk Camera supplied by @onestopfilms Lighting supplied by @location_lighting . . . #monster #palomafaith #musicvideo #poster #feminism #womensrights
05/24/2021 07:54
Postpartum diary Last night Leyman said he would sleep in with the baby to give me a full nights sleep. I closed my eyes at 10.30pm (early for me) after pumping some milk for him to give her. I drifted off to sleep calm and relaxed until 2am when my 4 year old came in and woke me “Mama I’m scared can I get in your bed?” “Yes of course” I replied “Can we hold hands” I held her hand in the dark, she was all snuggly and warm. And it was bliss. Until she woke me at 4am with a kick in the stomach. When I looked at her it was hard not to melt. She was still asleep. This morning at 6.30am when I woke to pump again she was still asleep and I thought to myself, this is it now. It’s all entirely about them. And it made me feel so lucky. Worth every missed moment of sleep. In other news heres a picture of me with very bouncy hair by @dayaruci #4thtrimester #ivfbabies #exclusivepumping #workingmum #sleeptraining #sleeplessnights #palomafaith
05/20/2021 09:40
Thank you @thejonathanrossshowofficial for having me. Was good to get out! Being away on maternity has been crucial and amazing but I also can’t wait to get back on the road and show the babas what I love to do! Photo: @elljmorgan . . . #thejonathanrossshow #palomafaith #workingmum
05/18/2021 09:18
I’ll be on @thejonathanrossshowofficial this Saturday at 9:35 PM GMT between pumping and trying to install a bedtime routine hahahah! Felt rather wonderful to go and do some work and get my hair, nails and make up did though! Hahaha. Also I’m bloody starving all the time because I’m doing only protein and veg. It’s so boring and I have no idea why I don’t have the metabolism I so pray for (e.g one where every meal ends with chocolate) Photo: @elljmorgan . . . #thejonathonrossshow #palomafaith #workingmum #ivfjourney #worklife #postpartum #12weekspostpartum #exclusivepumping #4thtrimester
05/14/2021 07:59
Postpartum diary I did a bit of work this week. My first two days back. The first one was ok. The second I had a lump in my throat the entire time. I was snapping at Leyman I didn’t know why. I remember this feeling well from my first. Guilt mixed with concern that they won’t be looked after properly.... turns out she was fine. I wasn’t! Hahaha! Working mums returning to work: It always feels too soon, whether you are back like me after 11 weeks, or if it’s a year. And then you are never really away because you are thinking about them, texting about them, pumping for them (like in my pics!) I’m going to try and pull a sicky. Only problem is I need about 10 years off to raise my kids hahahaha! And then there’s the dilemma about childcare. Photo: @elljmorgan . . . #workingmum #pumping #balenciaga #palomafaith #ivfjourney #strugglesofamum #mumlife #worklife #pumpingbutmakeitfashion
05/12/2021 10:04
Only Love Can Hurt Like This 7 year anniversary ✨ To celebrate the Brits tonight too - here's a throwback to my 2015 #brits performance ???? . . . #onlylovecanhurtlikethis #palomafaith #britawards #2015
05/11/2021 08:38

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