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I respect this woman more than I respect most. Thank you for your service RBG. Repost @brandicarlile ・・・ Please God let the final glimmer of this brilliant light be a supernova... make it so that she has delivered the final fatal blow to this presidency. Let her end it. Stardust. Amen. “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”
09/19/2020 07:53
09/18/2020 09:47
Woke up on a couch, sunrise ???? ☀️ Watch the official video for “One Too Many” with @keithurban out now on Facebook
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09/16/2020 07:21
My friend @jbpitts2 took this photo of us. He’s still my favorite sweet little dirtball. He and I have been at this a long time, and it is our relentless and stubborn idealism that keeps us together. Marriage is awful, wonderful, comfort and rage. It is boring, terrifying, and a total nail biter. It is loving another fallible creature while trying to love yourself. It is a lifetime of coming back to the table. People laugh at us because we’re either fighting or laughing. They roll their eyes when we talk about therapy. But I’ll tell you what. It’s worth it. All of it. Even when it isn’t. Therapy isn’t for weak people or hippies or liberals. It’s for broken people that want to be whole. It’s for runaways that want a family. It’s a lesson on how to sit down and listen. How to love yourself so that the other person can, too. I love you babe. I’m grateful we made it to this photo @hartluck
09/15/2020 03:52
ONE TOO MANY • WORLD TELEVISION PREMIERE Performing with @keithurban on the @ACMs this Wednesday. Tune in at 8/7c
09/14/2020 04:35
I love You all
09/08/2020 09:49
Waiting is so hard
09/04/2020 06:12
Ha! I still don’t own a belt #Repost @pinkhistory ・・・ On This Day in #PinkHistory 2nd September 2000 @Pink attended the Soul Train Awards
09/02/2020 09:11
Trying out this preschool thing remotely. My heart breaks for these kids, and my heart also goes out to every parent and teacher right now trying to figure it all out. I’m grateful for community and for all of us trying to keep each other safe. In the words of my father, “this, too, shall pass”.
09/01/2020 07:05
Pile up ????❤️????
08/30/2020 01:16
My man baby. I love him so. Successful surgery and now, let the healing begin. #bionicman #rotatorcuff #nurseratchetwillseeyounow
08/27/2020 12:30