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Yesterday marked both the end of one decade of my life and the beginning of another! My 20s were quite a ride, a time that changed my life in every way. Things that I never thought would change did. Things I never wanted to change did too. And things I hadn’t even dreamed up, became a reality. It was a decade I saw both the heavens and the hells of. A decade where I made peace with what was and wasn’t, i learned to appreciate what I have while I have it, and learned to be ok when somethings just can not be let go. It taught me to love people with all my heart, and show them that love as often as I can. I changed, I made up my mind and changed it again, I developed passions, and saw ambitions completed and also saw some fail. I fell in love with and married someone I’m still amazed I get to spend my whole life with! It was a decade that felt so long I never thought it would end! But some how here we are!! Yesterday was the best birthday I have ever had despite the weird world we currently live in. My mad, beautiful friends, who make everything good, really did what they do best! I’m full on in love with you all! And my husband who makes everything seem wonderful, made everything perfect. So, it was one hell of a journey! Hello 30s, so long 20s, you may not be missed but you’ll sure be remembered ✌️
09/18/2020 08:40
Hanging with my best mate on my bday ????
09/17/2020 06:26
Sun in his eyes ????
09/14/2020 08:01
09/12/2020 12:54
09/08/2020 05:31
09/05/2020 07:06
Pretty cool cup ???? I’ve had this since I was about 3
09/01/2020 12:03
08/22/2020 02:11
#gilliHEN ???????????????????????? LOVE YOU
08/12/2020 01:11
???? @thelovemagazine @lizcollinsphotographer ????
08/11/2020 07:31
???? Summer 2019 ????
08/06/2020 07:26
France ♥️
08/04/2020 04:12